Schnitzer Hand Mill

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Schnitzer Hand Mill  - Particular small, very handy

With the Schnitzer Hand Mill the mill manufacturer from Offenburg / Germany provide an even smaller brother to the already small hand mill Ligno Petit. With a diameter of only 2.37" (6 cm)  - without hand crank - and a height of just 7.88" (20 cm) this handy mill fits in any hand bag or travel bag - convenient for travel.

The Schnitzer Hand Mill provides functionality similar to the 9 cm larger Ligno Petit. It comes with a pluggable and removable flour container, milling stones and a hand crank. The flour container has a removable lid.

The special feature of the Schnitzer hand mill, however, that it is explicitly designed also for grinding of pepper and other spices.  Continuous coarse / fine adjustment of spices and grains: Simply turning the wing nut at the milling stones. The wing nut is exposed for easy operation when the flour container of the Table and Hand Mill is removed. The housing is made of robust solid beech wood, the milling stones are made of proven Naxos Basalt. The mill grinds all grains except corn. Not suitable for oil seeds.