KoMo MAGIC Grain Mill

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Beechwood construction. Grinds from fine flour to coarse meal. 250 Watt industrial motor. Long life corundum-ceramic burrs. Cleanup is quick and easy. Gluten-free grinding liner available. Made in Austria. Warranty 12 years. DELIVERY ONLY WITHIN CANADA - FREE SHIPPING
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Natural wood and steel precisely engineered in perfect combination. The KoMo Magic mill combines a noble appearance with the tough and reliable inner workings of the Fidibus 21. Absolutely practical for the kitchen and for everyone who prefers a steel aesthetic.

The MAGIC is equipped with an industrial strength motor and precisely fitted corundum ceramic millstones – the same grinding mechanism behind the FIDIBUS 21 – and is housed in natural wood and stainless steel. The MAGIC grinds soft and hard wheats, lentils, many dry beans and dried, non-oily spices. With the MAGIC, you’re in control - grind to the texture of your choosing, from fine flour to coarse meal or cracked grain: the grind texture is readily adjustable by simply turning the hopper bowl. Ideal for those who prefer a steely asthetic.

The Magic's stainless hopper holds 2 lb., 2 oz. of grain, enough for over two pounds of whole grain bread. The mill produces approx. 3.5 ounces per minute for bread flour texture.

Optional interchangeable inserts: If you prepare food for someone with a food allergy, see KoMo's optional interchangeable insert system. This ingenious solution lets you grind different types of grain in the same mill while keeping food types completely separate.

  • Milling rate for bread flour texture - 3.5 oz/min
  • Hopper fill capacity (wheat) - 2 lb 2 oz (level, lid on)
  • Dia. of corundum-ceramic mill stones - 2.95"
  • Industrial motor electric rating, watts - 250W (1/3 HP)
  • Gluten-free grinding liner available
  • Weight - 13 lb 11 oz
  • Max. height of bowl at spout- 5"
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) - 7.7" x 8.5" x 13.6" (including spout)
  • Made in Austria
  • Warranty - 12 years

The MAGIC can process:

SOFT GRAINS  Wheat, Spelt, Rye

 SPICES  Pepper, Chilli, Mustard Seeds…  

HARD GRAINS  (Corn, Rice, Millet), OIL SEEDS (Poppy seeds, flax seeds,... ) LEGUMES  (Chick peas, beans, peas...), COFFEE BEANS (All varieties of roasted beans) CAN NOT be processed with the MAGIC!

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