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Beechwood construction. Makes hearty rolled oat flakes. Stainless steel conical rollers. Cleanup is quick and easy. Made in Austria. DELIVERY ONLY WITHIN CANADA
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Fresh, naturally sweet rolled oats or stale, chemically-preserved flakes: Which sound better for your breakfast? If you like the fresh idea, KoMo's personal-sized FlicFloc grain flaker is right up your alley. Its hand operated design brings an ingenious engineering approach to grain flaking. Rather than using traditional cylindrical rollers, the Austrian-made FlicFloc has exposed, stainless steel conical rollers that rotate on ball bearings in a cabinet of laminated beechwood. The crank turns extremely easily, and the mill makes a hearty flake from oat groats (oats with the hulls removed) that's thicker and chewier than store-bought flaked oats.

Whether baked, cooked or raw, food tastes so much better when it's fresh—and oats are no exception. A variety of other grains can be flaked too with the FLICFLOC, including wheat, rye, barley and millet, with a little preparation. These grains are normally dry and hard. To soften them, hold them under running water briefly in a strainer. Then spread the grains on a cloth or towel to let them dry over night or for at least 3-4 hours. This time will vary depending on the grain used, but a little experimentation will help optimize the process. The softened grain will flatten nicely into flakes, similar to commercially available rolled oats. At the same time this contact with water starts an enzymatic process which makes it easier for your metabolism to assimilate the minerals in the grain.

The FLICFLOC is a practical and compact option - standing at just 7.4 inches tall, it won‘t take up much space in your cupboard. But while its dimensions are trim, its construction is exceptionally robust. The hopper capacity is 4.2 oz, and the glass receptacle is included. A supplied clamp secures the the FlicFloc to your table or counter (up to 2-3/16" thick). Then just fill the hopper you're ready to start flaking.

  • Length - 5"
  • Width - 5"
  • Height - 7.4"
  • Product Weight - 4-1/2 lb
  • Stainless steel conical rollers
  • Housing Material - Beech wood
  • Makes hearty rolled oat flakes
  • Cleanup is quick and easy
  • Made in Austria
  • Warranty - 3 years

These types of food can be processed with the FLICFLOC:

SOFT GRAINS  Oats, Wheat, Spelt, Rye

SPICES  Pepper; Chilli, Mustard Seeds…

OIL SEEDS Poppy Seeds, Flax Seeds…

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